PowerShare in the Medical City Healthcare

Patients want fast, decisive care decisions. Clinicians need instant access to medical exams and images. Hospitals require operational efficiencies. Deployed and managed with ease, The PowerShare Network meets these demands. It’s proven for today and powered for tomorrow’s shifts in healthcare.

The PowerShare Network is a highly scalable cloud-based platform that enables the secure access and sharing of image and imaging data, in real time, across organizations, desktops and mobile devices. Join today to connect to the 2000+ healthcare organizations already sharing and collaborating with imaging data, and growing daily.


Avoid redundant exams and increase patient volumes with quicker access to images, which can be funneled into local PACS or reviewed via powerful and integrated zero-footprint viewer options.


Minimize the potential for unreimbursed repeat exams with faster, more convenient access to prior exams from outside facilities leveraging your choice of a high performance zero-footprint clinical viewers. Also, share studies with affiliate hospitals for quick second opinions.

Referring Physicians

Receive images and reports quickly from outside facilities through a single login point, which can be accessed using your desktop, mobile device and existing EHR or image viewers. Multiple integrated viewer options are available for varying levels of clinical need.

ER / Trauma Staff

Improve preparedness for faster care decisions to free up space for patients that need to be there. Avoid redundant exams and associated radiation exposure.


Eliminate the need for patients to bring and maintain their CDs and quickly funnel outside studies into your dosing system without having to import from disk.


Enables providers to expedite care while limiting radiation exposure for pediatric patients, ensuring the best care and improving outcomes.

Neurology and Stroke Transfer

Quickly access high quality images via your choice of a zero-foot print clinical viewers to support rapid TATs and easily share images with remote neurosurgeons and neurologists manually or through automated sharing options.

Wound Care, Dermatology, Ophthalmology

Securely upload non-DICOM images or photographs for sharing with care givers and patients.


  • Workflow automation
  • Integrated universal clinical viewers
  • Easier collaboration
  • EHR, VNA, Enterprise Viewer and PowerScribe 360 integration
  • Security and compliance
  • View, manage, and share medical images and diagnostic reports with healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Automate sharing workflows for faster care decisions
  • No more burdensome CDs or duplicate scans. Automate medical image and report sharing workflows to build in more time for review before seeing the patient.
  • Access images and collaborate in real-time
  • Share or access traditional and non-traditional images as easily as managing email to collaborate with your rapidly growing professional network.
  • Enhance today’s technology and power your future
  • Do more with your existing EHR/EMR systems, PACS, VNA. Leverage your choice of zero-footprint Enterprise Viewers and PowerScribe technologies to seamlessly migrate to value-based healthcare.
  • Ensure secure image exchange and storage
  • HIPPA compliant, with layers of security to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI).