Meditech Discharge for Medical City Healthcare

This transition to Meditech Discharge will allow us to leverage a stable electronic health record platform and align our North Texas Division with HCA’s enterprise standard. Meditech Discharge establishes a single platform that begins with the initial patient greeting, care, all the way through to discharge. Our healthcare team of providers will be able to complete all their workflow using a natural progression through the Meditech Discharge screens. Discharge content will be pulled in from the Krames database. Electronic prescriptions will keep us compliant with the CMS guidelines.


  • Medical City Alliance
  • Medical City Arlington
  • Medical City Dallas
  • Medical City Denton
  • Medical City Fort Worth
  • Medical City Frisco
  • Medical City Heart & Spine
  • Medical City Las Colinas
  • Medical City Lewisville
  • Medical City McKinney
  • Medical City North Hills
  • Medical City Plano
  • Medical City Weatherford


  • Education. Print clear, concise, evidence-based discharge instructions. Content can be customized for the patient when appropriate.
  • Prescriptions. E-prescribe controlled and non-controlled substances from a single workflow; or send to a local or network printer. Includes clinical decision alerts and a weight-based dosing calculator.
  • Referrals. Automated synchronization and prioritization streamlines the referral selection process.
  • Integrated. Works within the current EHR to simplify the discharge process.

Training Videos for Physicians

Meditech EDM Electronic Discharge - Meditech Discharge from Depart Button

Meditech EDM Electronic Discharge - Meditech Discharge in Pdoc