Endoworks in the Medical City Healthcare

EndoWorks is a web-based information management solution for GI and pulmonary patient care and provides tools to capture HD clinical images and videos, generate physician procedure reports and letters, and archive critical patient data to HIS/EMR systems. With HL7/DICOM support, EndoWorks is designed to ensure interoperability with a wide range of systems used to produce, store, display, process, send, retrieve, query, or print medical images and derived structured documents.


  • Instant access to patient data, clinical exam data, and endoscopic video acquired before, during and after procedures
  • Expedite pathology requisition and report retrieval processes, generate specimen labels and daily logs and electronically access diagnostic reports
  • Tools to facilitate quick, comprehensive reporting and letter generation for all aspects of endoscopic procedures
  • Detailed clinical content database of most procedure types to help generate comprehensive reports and letters through simple keyword selection


  • Data management
  • Reporting
  • Workflow management