ED Wait Time in the Medical City Healthcare

Facilities across HCA have begun posting average emergency department wait times in real time on their websites, electronic billboards, and other communication channels such as text messages and iPhone application. Depending on a division’s preferences, these posted wait times provide local communities with the approximate amount of time a patient will spend upon entering an HCA Emergency Department before seeing a physician or qualified medical professional (e.g., physician assistant, etc.).

The ED Wait Time application extracts RAW data from Meditech using NPR reports and inserts it into Centralized Database where calculations are performed using the Standard Formula, which is approved by HCA’s Internal Audit. The ED Wait Time Solution uses a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed that publishes wait times on websites, billboards, and other formats in a myriad of ways.


  • Medical City Alliance
  • Medical City Arlington
  • Medical City Dallas
  • Medical City Denton
  • Medical City Fort Worth
  • Medical City Frisco
  • Medical City Heart & Spine
  • Medical City Las Colinas
  • Medical City Lewisville
  • Medical City McKinney
  • Medical City North Hills
  • Medical City Plano
  • Medical City Weatherford


  • Public facing with prominent billboard advertising Emergency Department wait times


  • Manage patient flow
  • Meditech-based
  • Mobile-ready