Centricity Perinatal in the Medical City Healthcare

Centricity Perinatal is a clinical information system that integrates documentation and fetal surveillance to help deliver the best care to every mother and baby. From Labor & Delivery to the nursery or NICU, this perinatal software interfaces with multiple devices and systems, including all major EMRs.

Centricity Perinatal – Connect integrates perinatal information in context with other clinical data, continuously and on one screen. This enables you to see your critical perinatal information including fetal monitoring strips and document in your enterprise EMR all at the same time. This helps to make faster, more informed decisions, and enhance your workflow and patient care.


  • Medical City Las Colinas
  • Medical City Alliance
  • Medical City Arlington
  • Medical City Lewisville
  • Medical City McKinney
  • Medical Center of Plano
  • Medical City Dallas


  • The Mother-Baby Link application automatically populates the infant record with relevant delivery-related information and data from the mother’s pregnancy
  • NICU and Labor and Delivery chalkboards help care providers stay on top of patient status
  • Alerts and reminders keep clinicians informed, notifying users of site-specific clinical protocols or pathways at the bedside; this flexible tool can be configured with instant links to online procedures or a facility-preferred database to support compliance with hospital guidelines
  • One-time data entry allows items documented within the Centricity Perinatal system to be immediately accessed and shared throughout the system, creating more efficient documentation of patient care
  • HL7-based technology allows interoperability with all major EMR vendors
  • System integration capabilities allow Centricity Perinatal to be installed as a Wide Area Network solution supporting standardized practices and consistent reporting across multiple sites
  • Remote access capabilities provide a secure access to encrypted views of fetal activity and maternal data via a Web-based browser
  • WAN- Wide area network technology is a networked database throughout your hospital system that delivers a common set of perinatal information you need for improved patient care and safety; also helps reduce hardware and management costs for the overall system


  • Electronic medical record
  • Remote access
  • Web-based
  • Workflow management