Centricity Cardiology DMS in the Medical City Healthcare

Centricity Cardiology provides cardiologists with a single point of access to unified patient data, images and reports across multiple modalities, with end-to-end configurable workflows in a multi-site, multi-org context. A tightly interfaced cardiovascular IT solution, it includes picture archiving and communication system functionality to provide clinicians with full access to a single, comprehensive cardiovascular patient record. Centricity Cardiology features web-enabled technology capable of driving workflow efficiencies and interfacing with most IT systems, and was built to provide connectivity to various clinical acquisition devices.


  • Medical City Denton
  • Medical City Las Colinas
  • Medical City Alliance
  • Medical City Arlington
  • Medical City Lewisville
  • Medical City McKinney
  • Medical Center of Plano
  • Medical City Dallas
  • Medical City North Hills
  • Medical City Forth Worth


  • A single point of access to a full cardiovascular patient record from any internet connection
  • A unified system for patient management needs, from admission to discharge
  • A streamlined physician reporting engine capable of auto-routing reports to multiple destinations
  • A relational database that puts quantitative business data analysis at your fingertips


  • Infrastructure interoperability/compliance
  • Multi-modality interoperability
  • Reporting
  • Web-based
  • Workflow management