Centricity CA 1000 in the Medical City Healthcare

Centricity CA 1000 is a PC-based cardiology image review and analysis workstation which brings enterprise scalability and workflow enhancing integration to cardiovascular imaging. Centricity CA 1000 is a primary diagnostic image review and analysis workstation with advanced image display and analysis tools, and, can also be used for clinical and/or secondary review throughout a healthcare facility, including review of multi-modality images generated in other departments. CA 1000 provides comprehensive image viewing capabilities for nearly all DICOM images in a cardiology-specific display protocol, advanced cardiac X-ray analysis tools and an echocardiography measurement package.


  • Medical City Denton
  • Medical City Las Colinas
  • Medical City Alliance
  • Medical City Arlington
  • Medical City Lewisville
  • Medical City McKinney
  • Medical Center of Plano
  • Medical City North Hills
  • Medical City Forth Worth


  • Access to multi-modality images and integration features allow the use of almost any study or patient-related information to connect to other third party applications
  • Comprehensive DICOM connectivity support allows easy integration into any DICOM compliant imaging network
  • From a standalone workstation for image analysis and review, to a department-specific integrated cardiology workstation to a enterprise-wide solution, Centricity CA 1000 offers workflow flexibility customizable to clinical need
  • Intuitive user interface that runs on Microsoft Windows XP operating systems
  • Functionality to create an integrated PACS/CVIS workstation to share and exchange patient and study display context between applications, and import key image data directly into CVIS-generated cardiology reports


  • Enterprise connectivity
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Scalable
  • Web-based
  • Workflow management