AGFA Talkstation in the Medical City Healthcare

TalkStation Radiology allows radiologists to easily dictate, edit, code and sign reports within minutes.

With TalkStation Radiology, your hospital or private radiology practice enjoys the highest level of reporting flexibility. TalkStation Radiology combines specialized vocabularies and language models for speech recognition, with a true radiology department workflow solution. Using worklists, resident report routing, dictation options, batch processing options, template efficiencies and industry standard coding, it smoothes the workflow for the entire department.

Seamless Systems Integration

TalkStation Radiology seamlessly integrates into the IT infrastructure of your radiology department. The dynamic HL7 interface between TalkStation Enterprise Gateway and the radiology information system (RIS) provides a communication pathway for transmitting orders and reports. TalkStation Enterprise Gateway also enables communication via a flat file interface.

Order Selection

TalkStation Radiology provides several methods for study order selection. Barcode readers can be utilized to scan printed barcode labels; accession numbers may be dictated or typed; worklists can be created and sorted by customized categories. Desktop integration with a PACS or RIS eliminates the need for a separate order selection process, thus streamlining the workflow. Multiple orders may be selected for association to one report.


Using an approved noise canceling handheld or headset microphone, coupled with state-of-the-art speech processing technology, provides the greatest level of success for dictation. Recognition rates improve with system use and training. Simple corrections speed up the editing process, making effective use of time.


ICD10 coding through TalkStation is made simpler, and you can set ICD10 code requests or prompts to automatically prompt the user to choose a code(s). Optionally, TalkStation can also be configured to prompt users with a short list of ICD9 codes based on the procedure being performed for the study. Multiple ICD10 codes may be chosen and associated to specific accessions in reports where multiple orders were associated. ACR Mammography coding is facilitated through the TalkStation BIRAD coding feature.


The TalkStation Radiology Resident workflow provides the controls, privileges and reviews necessary for an accurate procedural workflow, while maximizing the learning experience. Attending report review and edits can be made by voice, and attending assignments can be changed as needed.

Integrated solution for medical reporting, addressing the specific workflow challenges of the radiology department.


  • Increased productivity from workflow automation.
  • Easy to learn and use, with flexible “on-the-fly” editing and signing.
  • Improved departmental efficiency, thanks to cost savings and smooth integration with PACS or RIS system.
  • Increased referring physician satisfaction.
  • API integration with GE Centricity PACS to allow increased efficiency and more streamlined reporting.