How to Manage Patient Care More Quickly Using Only Your Thumb

A simple thumbprint authentication on your Apple iPhone or iPad and you’re signed in to the newest version of the PatientKeeper app — PK8. You’ll have instant access to accurate, up-to-date lists of all your patients and their current locations, making rounds and daily care management easier and more efficient.

So efficient, in fact, that cardiologist Rikesh Patel says, “PK8 is great and will change the way you round.”

PatientKeeper Mobile provides a real-time look at each patient’s complete clinical record, aggregated from multiple clinical systems, including lab results and orders, medications, allergies and more. Giving you the information and flexibility you need to increase productivity and practice better medicine.

Not only is the updated PK8 app vastly better than its previous versions, according to trauma surgeon Al West, it’s also “way better than Meditech because it’s a much more convenient way to review labs, x-rays, and vitals.”

Trauma surgery Physician Assistant Richard Winters agrees, adding, “PK8 is an excellent mobile resource.”

PatientKeeper Mobile keeps you connected with features health care professionals have come to depend on.

  • Manage patient care from Apple iPhone or iPad — no remote connection required
  • Faster sync for real-time data
  • Access aggregated patient data from multiple clinical systems
  • Review and manage accurate, up-to-date patient lists and current locations
  • Review radiology, microbiology, and pathology test results
  • Review current and discontinued medication lists (including IV meds)
  • Review vitals and complete allergy and reaction history
  • View all clinical notes

PK8 gives you the flexibility to manage patient care from your handheld device, anytime…anywhere. Saving you time by increasing productivity and efficiency.

Download PatientKeeper Mobile’s latest version — PK8 — FREE in the Apple App store.

For questions or technical support, contact the Physician Support Hotline at (877) 422-2060.