What is ePrescribe?

ePrescribe will enable providers to electronically transmit discharge prescriptions to pharmacies. Furthermore, it enables the Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) if authorized, real-time formulary checking, and medication history updates. Our goal is continued patient and provider satisfaction.

Why now?

In an effort to continue our Advanced Clinicals transformation, there have been multiple optimization projects such as Optimization 2.0 and eMed Rec Optimization, as well as work to evaluate ePrescribe vendors and ePrescribe functionality.

CMS recently revised the Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 requirements, now requiring ePrescribe compliance for at least 10% of permissible discharge prescriptions beginning in 2017. This has resulted in a need to expedite the implementation of ePrescribe functionality. While these efforts will position HCA Eligible Hospitals to continue to demonstrate MU compliance, more importantly, this should also increase the safety of patients and improve clinician experience with electronically prescribing patient medications.

Who is impacted?

Providers, nurses, pharmacists, other clinicians and supporting personnel will be impacted by the project. Successful clinical transformation is dependent upon the support and adoption of individuals across many professional disciplines.

What are the benefits?

Ultimately, we will continue to improve patient safety and quality of care by eliminating illegible prescriptions, reducing oral mis-communications, reducing lost prescriptions, and improving patient satisfaction through the following:

  • Improve patient satisfaction by reducing discharge prescription wait times
  • Increase patient compliance by decreasing number of unfilled prescriptions
  • Improve adherence to formulary, lowering drug substitution costs
  • Improve discharge efficiency (decreased time between discharge order and patient discharge)
  • Reduce time on phone to and from pharmacies
  • Improve clinician experience with electronically prescribing patient medications